The Agency

Since it was created in 2001, Atenao has offered a twofold guidance and production service. The way we operate allows us to be both generalist and specialist; appropriate outsourcing means that the agency can cover all language pairs and all sectors, whatever their complexity.

The communications side of the agency allows us to advance further in the translation/localization process by taking on the marketing or technical aspect of translating, be that online, audiovisual or in print.

Translation and localization of documents represents around 80% of our business, and interpretation around 20%. Last year, Atenao translated over 15 million words for 936 different clients, including some of the largest companies in France, Europe and the world.

4 main services offered


Translation and localization in the native language of all types of documents and media in all official language pairs. 24/7 translation via a dedicated online client platform, with no extra cost.


Simultaneous, consecutive and liaison interpretation in the most common language pairs, telephone and video-conference interpreting.


Translation review, checking of spelling, grammar, syntax and typography in all official languages.


Desktop publishing and graphic design work in all official languages, translation of websites within CMS or the back office system, translation of audio and video files, voice-overs and subtitling.