D-Vision is an OpenSource software, which works with Mac OS X. It, allows you to make DVD copies by compressing them in Divx 3, Divx 4, Xvid or h264 formats and exporting the sound of a DVD into mp3 or ac3 format.

It also allows you to encode avi and mpg files (1 and 2) into Divx/Xvid/h264, to cut or merge Divx/Xvid/h264 files, to merge different vob files into the same file and to embed subtitles into a film from an external file (in srt format).Unfortunately, D-Vision won’t take .mov, mp4 and .dv. file formats.D-Vision uses many different software to carry out its different tasks:mencoder/mplayer for the coding, ffmpeg for some audio relative tasks, tcprobe, avimerge, avisplit and avifix for different tasks regarding the avi files and ogmdemux to demux ogm files.