Website and application translation


Website and application translation is a must for any organization wishing to expand their market and reach foreign clients. The international success of a website or an application largely depends on the quality of its translations.

Websites under construction

Texts which are as yet unpublished are generally in a basic editable format (DOC, TXT, RTF). This type of file can be translated and delivered:

• directly in the source document to observe the original layout;

• or in a double entry table (the source language in the left-hand column, and the translation in the right-hand column), which allows the reader or the graphic designer (if post-translation DTP needs to be carried out) to see the corresponding texts. Your webmaster then integrates the translated texts.

Source code and dynamic websites

For static web pages, we can translate directly in the source code. The new version can therefore be put online immediately. For dynamic websites based on scripting languages, with the contents saved in a database, we can either:

• translate directly in the source code (XML, ASP, PHP) for language files containing character string/variable name type tables;

• or translate an extraction from your database in CSV, XML or XLIFF format. The translated files will be returned in identical format, to make their integration easier.

Content management systems (CMS)

If you use an administration interface to manage the contents of your site and you do not wish to export them, our translators can work directly in your back office application.

Media processing

Translation of your graphic files (images, flash movies, banners) in JPG, GIF, PNG, Flash, Illustrator and Photoshop:

• we can translate all readable texts and then deliver you the translations in an Excel file;

• or, in addition to the translation, you can entrust us with creating your foreign-language media files, by providing us with the source files (PSD, AI, FLA, etc.).

Quality check

Post-translation test to check URLs, translated strings and source code integrity.

Keyword localization

Google Ads’ publishing guidelines are very strict. Each part of the ad is limited to a maximum number of characters; our translations follow Google’s guidelines to the letter.

Atenao website translations

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