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Jubler is an open source software for creating subtitles useful in film translation. Free, it allows you to create new subtitles as well as convert, modify or correct existing subtitle files. It supports most standard subtitle file formats (ass, srt, sub, text, etc.). Jubler has a spell checker as well as a preview of the subtitles in real-time or in design time. It also allows you to edit the styles and modes of subtitle translations. Developed in Java 5.0, Jubler runs on Mac, Windows and Linux. It supports all encodings supported by Java and is automatically updated. It takes 30 minutes to become familiar with this audiovisual translation software that is easy to use and efficient.

Jubler requires the download of the media player Mplayer to be able to view the subtitles as well as the plug-in ASpell to apply the orthographic correction.

Mac OS X, Windows or Linux operating systems
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