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VOBSub is a free software package running in Windows that allows you to play a video file with subtitles. It corrects audio-visual translation errors, particularly in terms of timing, allowing synchronization of the subtitles with the image.

This is possible thanks to the SubResync program included in the pack. VOBSub also lets you edit existing subtitle files. The editing offers a wide choice of possible modifications to font, size, timing, colour and more. The most common editable subtitle formats are .srt, .ssa and .sub. The pack also contains the program SubMux, with which it is possible to merge the subtitles directly with the video, thus offering a film translation in a single subtitled file. VOBSub is compatible with video editing and capture programmes such as DirectShow, AviUntil and VirtualDub. The pack components are light and consume very little system resources. This is a very useful software, but unfortunately only available for translation service providers and translation agencies working in Windows.

Windows operating system.

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