The agency’s strengths


One project manager will deal with your projects; they are your dedicated representative, in charge of managing all of your monolingual or multilingual work. Your contact within the agency is highly experienced; they have learnt to deal with all potential problems related to language, software, deadlines, processes or budget, and will be able to answer all of your questions. They are familiar with different word-processing styles depending on the sector and the language; they know the specifics of their foreign languages and can guide you through the purchase and management of your project. They also know how to select the most suitable translators for your projects.


We have expert knowledge of translation and project management tools; for certain types of document, certain sectors, or for extremely large projects, a CAT tool is necessary when the stylistic aspect of the text takes priority (e.g. literary or corporate translation). Atenao’s translators and project managers are proficient in most computer-aided translation tools, as well as other translation aids. If you have in-house glossaries, CAT tools, a back office application or specific software, we will adapt to your system.


Atenao handles your translation projects 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We have an online platform devoted exclusively to your organization where orders can be placed and dealt with outside office hours. Unlike freelance translators who are not always available (forcing their clients to hire a different translator), we can guarantee that your projects will be automatically assigned to the translator who is the best qualified to translate your texts. In the event of unavailability, a second specialist translator will stand in, and will work with the translation memory created for you. This process guarantees the consistency of delivered translations.


Translation is necessary for all types of media. Atenao brings together specialists in marketing, DTP, audio/video and the web, which allows us to deliver you the best results whatever your material: text, website, database, application, software, audio, video, page layout, photos, etc.


Outsourcing assignments allows Atenao to ensure the quality of our projects in all sectors, from legal to technical, including science, tourism, management, IT, medicine and marketing. All of Atenao’s translators and interpreters are qualified professionals who only translate into their mother tongue and have at least five years’ experience. The agency’s growth depends on their work. They undergo a rigorous recruitment process, including selection tests and verification of their qualifications, courses and CV. They are evaluated after each project and are rated: only the best translators work for us. This is how Atenao’s selection and evaluation process guarantees the high quality of our services, translators and interpreters who, we are proud to say, are amongst the best in the world. All your translations assigned to Atenao will form a library of knowledge and a glossary which will be used as a base by all the translators working on your multilingual projects; this process guarantees the consistency of the projects delivered to you. The translation market is fragmented. Our priority first and foremost is client satisfaction, and our development depends on this.


Atenao’s translation prices are established by the “source word”. The price per word varies depending on the total volume of words, the language pair, the scope of the translated text, the deadline, the number of repeated words and the complexity of the source text. Thanks to our experience and market knowledge, the agency offers rates which are amongst the most competitive on the market.