Graphic design and DTP


Effective communication implies a graphic design phase, generally complementary to translation. Adapting the message often involves modifying certain graphic elements. A text layout check, carried out by someone who is familiar with the languages used and their hyphenation rules, guarantees the soundness of your communication.

Working with layouts

For communications documents created with Adobe InDesign, we are able to translate directly in the source document. We deliver you a foreign language version not implemented in the source document, ready for the graphic work.

Translation and graphic work

If you do not have a DTP studio, we can take care of the graphics of the translations using Indesign, XPress, Illustrator or Photoshop. In this case, we send you a low-definition PDF as a press proof, followed by the translated native file (1 file per language or 1 text layer per language depending on the original format), as well as a high-definition PDF with crop marks ready for printing. We can collaborate with your printer or photoengraver if necessary.

Free post-layout proofreading

All our graphic design projects include post-layout proofreading and hyphenation checks. If we are not in charge of the graphic design, we always offer a post-layout proofreading option once your studio has finished the DTP. This includes checking text integration, translation and hyphenation.

Optional second proofreading

Documents which are going to be published (brochures, magazines, pamphlets, etc.) deserve to be perfect. To avoid any oversights, we can offer an optional second proofreading by another translator.

Using InDesign for magazines and digital publishing

Adobe InDesign is the flagship DTP software for digital publishing. Thanks to the IDML exports that we can generate with our CAT tools, InDesign is well-adapted to the translation process and allows us to translate directly in the native file without modifying the tags or stylistic features.

Working with Latin, Arabic, Asian and Cyrillic alphabets

We are able to work with any alphabet but our clients’ computer systems are not always able to handle Arabic, Asian or Cyrillic alphabets. Depending on the project and if we are not responsible for the graphic design, we can send you the font used with your document or, with Arabic for example, we can send you a vectorized text.

Elements required

For graphic design or the translation of native files, we ask that you supply us with the original, definitive and final templates, along with the HD imports of the images and the fonts used in the page layout.