24/7 fast translation service

Would you like to order your translations anytime, anywhere? How about bundling all your translation requirements together (from foreign subsidiaries or expatriate staff for example)?

We offer clients worldwide our 24/7 fast translation service via a dedicated, customized and secure on-demand online platform.

Exclusively B2B, this platform provides specific tools and optimized functions for companies.

You can create your client area free of charge, simply ask your Atenao Project Manager.

How does it work?


• We create a space dedicated to your company
• You create a Manager account dedicated to the translation manager within your company
• You create as many account users as you wish
• Each new account user is subject to validation by the Manager

Once your account has been validated

Once validated, each saved user can post translation requests. For each linguistic combination, several translators are selected then referenced.

On the principle of first come first serve, a translator takes on your request. You will be able to comment on your request, communicate contextual information, web links for reference, information resources or images to allow us to perfect the translation.

The translator can ask questions in an interface, and the person who requested the translation may reply to them.

Once the translation is finished, the translator posts it in the interface, and you will receive a message immediately after, indicating that the translation is ready to be viewed and downloaded.

If you need to clarify something or you have question, communicate with the Globword translator directly and they will make any desired corrections for you.

If you’re satisfied, you will receive the translation of your document and the project is closed.

The invoice for all requested translations during the month is sent on the last day.


You can create an unlimited amount of user accounts. With every new registration, the assigned “director of translation purchases” at your organization is notified, enabling you to maintain control over account access and platform use within your company.


For each type of linguistic translation, the translators who lead your projects are those who already translate your documents outside of our on-demand 24/7 platform. They are selected in terms of how well their skills and style match your projects.


Project rates are confirmed with you in advance for each type of linguistic translation requested. They stay consistent for the duration of the assignment and will not change before the project deadline, per our prior agreement with your team or firm.


Your online platform account also stores project vocabulary specifically dedicated to your organization. It’s compiled by us based on the texts and material we’ve translated for you. You can validate or even add more words to translate in your glossary. This method guarantees even higher quality and uniformity across your translation projects over time.


All translations for a given month are detailed in a single month-end invoice, with payment method and billing terms tailored to your needs.

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