Multilingual multifunctional webinars

In the space of two decades, the internet has proven its semantic range by making the world, and the world of business in particular, a big village where any nationality and language can get together. That said, this new paradigm has made it easy to get together without ever actually meeting. Audiovisual is the new writing whilst globalising markets is an obligation more than an opportunity nowadays. Public speaking has become multilingual and webinars are the norm in a new form of global communication.

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What extensions should you use to translate a site on WordPress?

The main goal for all online business sites is to appear at the top of search engine results to attract a high number of visitors (traffic), prospective clients (leads), and, finally, clients (conversion). And of course, this can apply to the internet of any country by offering content in the language(s) of each target country.

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Promotional Videos With Subtitles: The New Stars Of The Web

According to Cisco’s latest VNI IP Forecast, video will continue to grow and dominate the web in 2021 with 80% of the global web traffic. This number could not be more telling.

 Indeed and almost without notice, promotional videos quietly appeared on our screens and are now everywhere. No less than 8 billion videos are viewed every day on Facebook alone. These figures point to the power of distributing a promotional video, not only on social networks but also within businesses. Whether it’s a corporate film or marketing video, a classic video or motion design, the possibilities are endless. In any format, it would be a shame to miss out on this media phenomenon.

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Videoconference interpreting: why choose a professional service ?

At a time when the future of our economy depends on maintaining and actively developing international business relations, and when the vast majority of multilingual professional interactions must take place remotely, the question of translation and interpreting has never been so crucial to build relationships of trust and make up for the phasing out of direct, in-person contact.
Although videoconferencing and machine translation are fantastic tools, their technical features have a tendency to limit the fluidity of our interactions. It is crucial to re-establish this fluidity by achieving quick and reliable interactions no matter the context.

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5 Reasons You Want A Professional Japanese Translator

The Japanese language is structured differently than English, in both spoken and written form. Some expressions can be articulated more easily and fluently in Japanese while others cannot. This makes Japanese translation a bit more tricky than usual.

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Jubler is an open source software for creating subtitles useful in film translation. Free, it allows you to create new subtitles as well as convert, modify or correct existing subtitle files.

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Checksub is an online application with a free version to generate automatic subtitles for videos.

Thanks to its advanced speech recognition, this technology transcribes your videos with precision synchronizing the subtitles and the images.

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