Scientific Translation Services

Scientific translation services concerns the natural or «hard» sciences. The technical nature of the project requires extreme vigilance. The quality of the end result all depends on the experience of the dedicated translator, their linguistic precision and the processes they implement.

Medical Popularization/Translation Services

A popularization translation is aimed at novice or amateur readers, and is carried out by our specialist scientific translators who have already completed numerous translations in the relevant sector.

Industrial Scientific Translation Services

Industrial scientific translation is similar in many ways to technical translation. The text has no rhetorical or persuasive aspect, and must not convey any sort of connotation. The text has no subjective element. The translation must convey exactly the same information, in order to perform the same processes and complete the same operations.

Applied Scientific Translation Services

Purely scientific translation, aimed at researchers and the scientific community, concerns scientific publications such as articles, doctoral theses, theoretical exercises and and practical implementations.

Depending on the technical nature of the source text, we assign the translation of purely scientific texts to our translators who specialize in the relevant scientific sector, or alternatively to our scientific translators who carry out translations alongside their research projects.


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Public bodies
Research Laboratories
Study and research centres


Research projects
Journals and magazines
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Exhibitions and seminars

Atenao’s Scientific and Medical Translation Clients

Scientific translation for Sanofi

Sanofi outsources for the translation of scientific articles. French pharmaceutical leader, number 8 worldwide this year, number one research and development entity in France, world leader in vaccinations with its affiliate Sanofi Pasteur MSD, Sanofi looked to Atenao for the English translation of its scientific articles.  The articles concentrated on seven main subjects: cardiovascular, thrombosis, central nervous system, oncology, metabolic diseases, internal medicine and vaccinations.

Fujifilm, The world leader in imaging and photography

the Japanese group Fujifilm Holdings Corporation makes digital and analogue photographic equipment, printing consumables in the field of graphic arts, medical and optical imaging equipment, office equipment, etc… The medical imaging branch has entrusted Atenao translation agency for a IT Translation project, the Erench translation of a brochure introducing a mobile x-ray device, the FDR GoFlex.


ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor)

The international nuclear fusion research and engineering megaproject aimed at replicating the fusion processes of the sun to create energy on Earth. The ITER organisation chose Atenao agency for the English simultaneous interpreting of its press conference, prelude to the ITER Business Forum in Toulouse. The ITER Business Forum met on 21 and 22 March at Toulon with over 700 representatives from 386 companies and organisations from 24 countries, including 352 industrial or service companies in the industry.

Atenao mobilised an English interpreter (of British nationality), one interpreting project manager, two technicians and various equipment such as head sets and microphones.


Medical translation services for ProStrakan Pharma

ProStrakan Pharma, a multinational pharmaceutical group based in Scotland and present in many European countries, uses Atenao for its scientific translation needs. The group is a subsidiary of the Japanese company Kyowa Hakko Kirin. Its development centers are located in Galashiels (Scotland) and New Jersey (US). The company now employs over 300 people and distributes medications like Sancuso, a patch to prevent nausea and vomiting in people undergoing chemotherapy, for the European and US markets. It also offers Abstral, drug that treats severe pain due to cancer. In 2014, with the acquisition of Archimedes Pharma, ProStrakan Pharma strengthened its presence in pain management and oncology. In France,

The multinational’s French office, located in the department of Hauts-de-Seine, entrusted the translation agency Atenao, with the French translation of the article “The Fentanyl Story” by Theodore H. Stanley.


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