Marketing translation services

Translating a communications or operational marketing campaign for a foreign market, or transferring communications from one country to another, requires a specific approach different to that of simple translation. This type of task is “localization”. Atenao provides you with translators who are specialized in marketing translation services to maximize the impact of your international campaigns.

Multilingual Campaign Communications

Translating advertising campaigns full of cultural references into a foreign language is a difficult task. Your material will be the subject of a brainstorming session (concept / draft / localization) before being adapted to the target market (text and slogan rewriting, restructuring, image polysemy, marketing codes).

Advertising Translation

This type of translation concerns marketing and advertising type documents. Your projects will be assigned to translators specialized in advertising, experts in marketing and communication terminology. Our team is also well versed in transcreation -translation and re-creation of a message- for marketing and advertising communications, ensuring the message is translated and even interpreted appropriately into the new language, without affecting its tone, style, context, or intention; avoiding the loss of any of its original, intended meaning. Our specialized marketing translators are well versed in really getting the cultural meaning and “feel” for your multilingual project and materials translations.

Linguistic and cultural assessment of brand names

Atenao guides you as a linguistic consultant in verifying the meaning and impact of the names of your branches, brands and products on the international scene. We aim to bring all-around and personalized expertise for all potential markets that you pursue.

This project is carried out by our team of native translators and interpreters in the target-language countries as well as by experts in each specific professional field.

Our brand identity approach:

  • Validate pronunciation
  • Validate meaning & association (positive, negative; relevance to industry field)
  • Identify initial spontaneous responses
  • Validate logo perception (visual communication, color use, design, and product name transliteration)

Multilingual Graphic Design translation services

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Typical profile of our advertising translators

Paula, 10+ years’ experience:

  • Advertising translator
  • Native (target) language: English
  • Source languages: French, Spanish.
  • Academic qualifications: CELSA Paris


  • Advertising agencies
  • Market research organizations
  • Advertisers
  • Media companies
  • Events agencies
  • Law firms


  • Pamphlets/Brochures
  • Recommendations
  • Packaging
  • Promotional products
  • Sales pitches
  • Point of sale displays

Atenao’s Marketing and Advertising Translation Clients

TBWA Corporate, Jump, Publicis, Business Lab, High Co, Agence Clark, Young & Rubicam, M&CSAATCHI.CORPORATE, Deus Ex Machina, McCann WORLDGROUP, Lame de Fond, GL Events


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