CSR (Coperate Social Responsability) Policy

CSR (Coperate Social Responsability) Policy

The relations that Atenao maintains with all its trading partners are based on fair, honest and mutually advantageous negotiations, contributing to a high level quality of service.

For this reason, Atenao requires all its trading partners to adhere to the fundamental ethical values and ensure that their own practices comply with the principles and practices as set out below.

Labour relations and working conditions
The contractors must adopt and apply fair and ethical working conditions by respecting the fundamental human rights globally-recognised, including the universal declaration of human rights, all international conventions and the conventions of the international labour organisation.

The contractors offer their employees safe and healthy working conditions, in compliance with local laws and any specific regulations within the work sector in which they practice. Proper procedures must be put in place to prevent accidents and health risks. The contractors must conform to local laws on minimum wage, the normal working hours and social benefits. Overtime hours are readily paid in full, at the standard rate or a premium rate, according to the requirements of local laws.

In some circumstances, the employees can be asked to work beyond normal working hours, for limited time periods. When this is the case, overtime hours and consecutive working days meet local regulations and are scheduled in such a way to ensure safe and healthy working conditions.

Regarding employment, whether at a level of recruitment, salaries, benefits, promotion, discipline, contract termination or retirement, the contracters should not discriminate on the grounds of racial or ethnic origin, nationality, religion, disability, gender, sexual orientation, political or union affiliation nor age.

Responsible Environmental management
In an effort of environmental concern and through its humanitarian attitude, Atenao avoids collaboration with organisations benefiting from the trade of endangered or protected species, weaponry, precious metals, or GMOs.

Since its creation in 2001, Atenao has always worked in accordance with strong humanist values. Now a major part of the multilingual economy, we must provide such an example, and become more actively involved with respect to the integrity of our planet.

In view of this, Atenao’s creation of GREEN WORK formalizes its environmental action. Atenao supports the non-governmental organisation PLANETE URGENCE in its reforestation activity. Since the 1st of September 2017, all translations, interpretations, or corrections have been converted into trees planted in threatened forests. Through the operation: “your purchase orders are reviving the forests”, for every 200 € (excluding VAT) of a purchase order, a tree is planted in Indonesia and Madagascar.

Low prices for the humanitarian industry
Atenao provides translations at a much lower price to clients within the humanitarian industry, such as: World Wide Fund, Acces Universel, Coordination Sud, Plan France, Pour un sourire d’enfant, Première Urgence-Aide Médicale Internationale, Surfrider, etc.