Audiovisual translation : transcription, dubbing, subtitling and more

Do you need to dub or subtitle your videos, add a foreign voice-over to your documentary, or simply record the reading of a text for an audio guide? Opt for Atenao’s audiovisual translation services: subtitling, sound dubbing and voice overs. A multilingual audiovisual project requires many different skills; Atenao and its studio provide you with a comprehensive solution for your needs.

Audio Typing

Simple transcription involves writing out the spoken text in an audio or video file. This is carried out by an audio typist who is able to type the text in sync with audio or video file being played. Atenao offers simple transcription in all languages.

Time-coded transcription is essential for the integration of subtitles or a voice-over, as this guarantees that the timing of the translated subtitles or the voice-over with be in synch with the original audio. This type of transcription consists of typing the spoken text from an audio or video file in keeping with the original time codes. An audio typist achieves this by using subtitling software. Atenao offers time-coded transcription in all languages which use the Latin alphabet.


The translation of subtitles is carried out within the subtitle file, by replacing the original transcription. Atenao offers the audiovisual translation of subtitles in all languages which read from left to right. The translated file is delivered in your format of choice (SRT, SUB, TXT or equivalent).

Embedding subtitles in a foreign language involves “hardcoding” the subtitles into the video. This audiovisual translation service is carried out by our studio using video-editing software. The video file is then delivered in your format of choice (TS, AVI, WMV, MPEG, MOV).

Subtitle translation process

• Time-coded transcription of the original video by a native speaker,
• Translation of the subtitles file,
• Delivery of a text file in your choice of format (ASS, SRT, SUB, etc.).


Dubbing consists of replacing the original voice in a video with the foreign language-speaking voice. This involves lip-sync during the translation phase, in order to adapt the vocabulary and the length and number of words in the target language to the actors’ or participants’ lip movements. This ensures words pronounced and lip movements remain in sync.

Dubbing process

• Time defined transcription of the original audio,
• Adapted translation for correct lip synchronization,
• Recording by a professional native-speaking voice actor,
• Mixing and synchronization with original speech,
• Delivery of an audio and/or video file in your preferred format (TS, AVI, WMV, MPEG, etc.).

Voice Over

Recording a voice-over involves adding a foreign voice to a video. Voice-overs tend to be recorded in professional studios with actors. Atenao provides 2 additional voice-over services so it has something for every budget.

Voice-over interpreting

A quality option for any budget. The process involves a native interpreter simultaneously and orally translating the words from the source audio as they would a simultaneous interpreting assignment. The interpreter records their speech which is naturally in step with the original speaker. It takes almost as long to complete as the original audio duration which makes it fantastic value for money.

Ideal for:
• Broadcasts and news for social media
• Instruction videos
• Tutorials
• Internal communication videos
• Customer testimonials

• Price
• Turnaround

• Poorer sound quality compared to a studio recording
• Pauses that naturally occur in simultaneous interpreting

Example of voice-over interpreting in Spanish :


Example of voice-over interpreting in English :

Home studio voice-over 

This audiovisual translation service brings together the benefits of interpreting and professional recording studios. The original soundtrack is translated before the recording. The interpreter is therefore not working simultaneously as they would with voice-over interpreting. Instead they record their script with as many takes as they need. This means it takes longer to complete than voice-over interpreting and the audio quality is far better with less noise.

Ideal for:
•  Communication posts for social media
•  Video reports
•  Product presentation videos
•  Shopping videos 

• Price
• Audio quality
• Turnaround
• Smooth speech

Professional studio voice-over

This is the Rolls Royce of voice-overs and used for ads and documentaries. Like home studio voice-overs, the original soundtrack is transcribed on a timeline before being translated. A professional actor and native speaker provides the voice-over. The recording takes place in a studio with as many takes as necessary then cleaned up to provide a perfect result. The studio then mixes the soundtrack onto the original video.

Voice-over process

• Timeline transcription by a native speaker,
• Voice-over recording by a native speaker;
• Synchronised voice-over, mixing,
• Delivery of an audio and/or video file in the format of your choice (TS, AVI, WMV, MPEG, etc.).

Ideal for:
• Promotional films
• I
n-house films
• TV documents
• Ads
• Storytelling
• Corporate videos

• First class audio quality
• Engaging vocals
• Smooth speech

• Price
• Turnover

AI Dubbing, Voice-Over and Voice Cloning

The use of AI today allows us to generate voices in different languages in order to create fast and cost-effective multilingual content. Such AI services have much room for improvement and bring challenges in terms of quality, and the generated voice’s human nature. For these reasons, we ensure a human quality control at every step of an AI dubbing, voice-over or voice cloning project.

We invite you to take a look at our 7-step procedure allowing for optimized professional quality results.

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Le Puy du Fou,who has selected Atenao for the translation and dubbing most of its shows into German, English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Russian.

And also Weber Stephen France, Dailymotion, Terra Femina, Société Générale, Relais & Châteaux, SanDisk, Samsonite, Starwax, Adkeys, Chronopassion


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