Professional translation

Not all translations are born equal, and it can be difficult to discern quality. Drawing on the professionalism and expertise of our team of translators, Atenao attests to its responsibility by complying with the Translator’s Charter to ensure utmost excellence of our translation work performed.

Golden rule: professionals who translate exclusively into their native language

A good translation is only made possible by a professional, native speaker who is a specialist in the relevant domain. For this reason, and because it would be impossible to have the best translators in every sector working in-house, we outsource to the most qualified translators.

A global network of carefully-selected, regularly-partnering translators

The agency recruits its associates worldwide. This network includes 1237 translators, interpreters and proofreaders who are certified, selected, tested and evaluated after each assignment. Since the agency’s creation in 2001, Atenao has enjoyed an excellent relationship with all its partners.

Fast turnaround

We systematically assign your projects to our most accomplished translators and ensure that the translator best qualified to work on your texts will be given priority. This process guarantees that the translations delivered to you are absolutely consistent and timely.

A single point of contact for all your projects

When you choose to entrust Atenao with your translation projects, a Project Manager is immediately assigned and will be your exclusive contact answering questions, offering advice, and supervising the work in all languages for your multilingual projects.

Working languages

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