Economic and Financial Translation

In the case of financial translations, differences between the source text and the translation can lead to different interpretations and cause market reactions. This type of translation therefore requires a high level of technical expertise from the translator, or from the group of translators collaborating on the project.

Financial Research and Analysis

These follow the rhythm of the stock exchange. The immediacy of the financial markets requires speed, efficiency and productivity from the translation provider.

Financial Operations

This type of urgent, highly-important translation carries great added value as the operation itself depends on its quality.

Financial Communications

Translation of financial communications documents (reports, press releases) or annual reports requires precision and style as the company’s image is at stake.

Financial Techniques

This purely theoretical translation requires perfect command of the relevant terminology and knowledge of micro/macro-economic and financial models. Financial technique translations are carried out by translators who have an economic and financial background.

Typical profile of our financial translators

Karen, 42 years old: expert corporate and financial communications translator.
Native (target) language: English – source languages: French, Spanish.
Academic qualifications: Paris III-Censier University: Master’s in Financial Translation.


Investment banks
Financial advisors
Investment funds
Corporate lawyers


Annual reports
Business reports
Accounting documents
Shareholders’ agreements
Audit reports
Press releases
Financial analyses
Management control processes


CEA Assurance, AXA, Société Générale, Chequers Capital Finances, Fidecompta, Falcon Investissements, CBR Team Building, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Brothers And Sisters Entertainment, BNP Paribas, Fondation MACIF…