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Youtube dubbing Youtube dubbing

Amixem Amixem

20 Years of 20 Years of

Magazine Translation Magazine Translation

Strategic board game Translation Strategic board game Translation

ET Games ET Games

Luxury watchmaking Luxury watchmaking

The Watches magazine The Watches magazine

7th Franco-Japanese summit for decentralised cooperation 7th Franco-Japanese summit for decentralised cooperation

City of Aix-en-Provence City of Aix-en-Provence

French-Ukrainian interpreting French-Ukrainian interpreting

CHU Saint-Pierre CHU Saint-Pierre

English and Arabic packaging localisation English and Arabic packaging localisation

Lactalis Lactalis

Simultaneous interpretation Simultaneous interpretation


The translation of WordPress website The translation of WordPress website

the Monaco Exploration Society the Monaco Exploration Society

Simultaneous interpreting Simultaneous interpreting

Desjoyaux Desjoyaux

Moonshot Moonshot

Epitech Epitech

World Forum World Forum

Convergences Convergences

European forum European forum

CapÉnergies CapÉnergies

America’s Musical Journey America’s Musical Journey

La Géode Paris La Géode Paris

Liaison interpreting Liaison interpreting


Simultaneous interpreting Simultaneous interpreting

The Angoulême International Comics Festival The Angoulême International Comics Festival

Lille tourist information centre Lille tourist information centre

Decoration Decoration

Habitat Habitat



Touristic platform SITRA Touristic platform SITRA

Saint-Etienne tourist information centre Saint-Etienne tourist information centre

subtitling subtitling

Weber-Stephen Products Weber-Stephen Products


Mediterranean Forests Mediterranean Forests

Translation for Aquitaine Regional Tourist board Translation for Aquitaine Regional Tourist board

Aquitaine Regional Tourist board Aquitaine Regional Tourist board

Website Website

Tokyo Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. Tokyo Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.

Environmental translation Environmental translation

World Wild Fund World Wild Fund

Fashion Translation for Hugo Boss Fashion Translation for Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Hugo Boss

Humanitarian translation Humanitarian translation

Care International Care International

Interpreting Interpreting

Conseil Général du Loiret Conseil Général du Loiret

Interpreting Interpreting

Mans University Mans University

Website Translation Website Translation

Museum of letters and manuscripts Museum of letters and manuscripts

Historical study Historical study

French Ambassador French Ambassador

Railway sector Railway sector

Barat Barat

Pharmaceutical translation Pharmaceutical translation

Sanofi Sanofi

Administrative documents Administrative documents

Estée Lauder Estée Lauder

Touristic database Touristic database

Lozère Tourist boards Lozère Tourist boards

Planète Métisse exhibition Planète Métisse exhibition

Quai Branly museum Quai Branly museum

Sales catalogue Sales catalogue

Alsace regional tourist board Alsace regional tourist board

Subtitles Subtitles

Relais & Châteaux Relais & Châteaux

Hotels Hotels

Esprit de France Esprit de France

Website Website

Marvin Watches Marvin Watches

Survey Survey

Opinion Way Opinion Way

company presentation company presentation

GL events GL events

Press release Press release

Compagnie du Ponant Compagnie du Ponant

board game "Cro-magnon" board game "Cro-magnon"

Bioviva editions Bioviva editions

Energy sector Energy sector


Product labels Product labels


legal translations legal translations

European institutions European institutions

TV advertisements TV advertisements

Amora Amora

Magazine Magazine

Promod Promod

Advertising Advertising


Aerial transport Aerial transport

Aeromexico Aeromexico

Translation and localisation Translation and localisation

regional tourist board of Touraine regional tourist board of Touraine

Economy Economy

African Capacity Building Foundation African Capacity Building Foundation

IT application IT application

Applabs Applabs

Press release Press release

Les Menuires Les Menuires

Kalinox Kalinox

Air Liquide santé Air Liquide santé

Promotional document Promotional document

Toulouse-Lautrec Museum Toulouse-Lautrec Museum

subtitles subtitles

Expression Group Expression Group

Yachting Yachting

ATI Yachts ATI Yachts

Legal translation Legal translation

Digital Video Sud Digital Video Sud

Non governmental organisation Non governmental organisation

Plan International Plan International

Hikvision Hikvision

St Bonnet le Château St Bonnet le Château

Advertising Advertising

Stratis Stratis

Design Design

FashionUnited FashionUnited

Packaging Packaging

Lactalis Lactalis

holiday breaks and mobile homes holiday breaks and mobile homes

Homair vacances Homair vacances

Iphone application Iphone application

Clos Lucé Château Clos Lucé Château

Voice-over dubbing Voice-over dubbing

SistaBroza SistaBroza

Interpreting Interpreting

The Petit Palais The Petit Palais

University of Lille Multilingual Translation University of Lille Multilingual Translation

University of Lille University of Lille

Publishing Publishing


University of Paris Seine University of Paris Seine

the Sublime exhibition the Sublime exhibition

Centre Pompidou-Metz Centre Pompidou-Metz

Cosmetics Cosmetics

Hyteck Aroma-Zone Hyteck Aroma-Zone

Luxury and business tourism Luxury and business tourism

Ideal DMC Ideal DMC

Dermo-cosmetics Dermo-cosmetics

Floxia Floxia

Publishing Publishing

Audois & Alleuil Audois & Alleuil

Rail network Rail network


Agricultural Translation Agricultural Translation

France AgriMer France AgriMer

Tourism translation Tourism translation

Town of Roissy Town of Roissy

Interpreting Interpreting

Naos Group Naos Group

Agrifood translation Agrifood translation

Restoleil Restoleil

Public-interest organization Public-interest organization


Communication tools Communication tools

CD Fruits CD Fruits

technical translation technical translation

Brio Brio

Thermal Thermal


Media Translation Media Translation

Affinity Media Affinity Media

Audiovisual production Audiovisual production

Telfrance Telfrance

Cosmetics translation Cosmetics translation

Propos Nature Propos Nature

French English interpreting French English interpreting

PriceMinister PriceMinister

Audiovisual translation Audiovisual translation

Vie des Hauts Production Vie des Hauts Production

Magazine Magazine

Prestige International Prestige International

Veterinary medicine Veterinary medicine

Galileo Diagnostics Galileo Diagnostics

Tourism translation Tourism translation

Hyeres tourism office Hyeres tourism office

Medical translation Medical translation

ProStrakan Pharma ProStrakan Pharma

Medical translation Medical translation

University of Burgundy University of Burgundy

Web contents Web contents

Quotatis Quotatis

Medical Article editing Medical Article editing

Reims University Medical Center Reims University Medical Center

Website Website

Navparis Navparis

public works and construction solutions public works and construction solutions

Maccafferri Maccafferri

transport and logistics transport and logistics

Challenge International Challenge International

Scientific translation Scientific translation

Isis Isis

French to English interpreting French to English interpreting


Voice over Voice over

Bateaux Parisiens Bateaux Parisiens

Campus Campus

PriceMinister PriceMinister


Chartres Tourist Office Chartres Tourist Office

Show Show

Le Puy du Fou Le Puy du Fou

Smartphone news Smartphone news

Wikio Wikio

Training materials Training materials

Airbusiness Academy Airbusiness Academy

Website Website

Amiens Tourist Board Amiens Tourist Board

Voice over Voice over

BPI France BPI France

Agrifood translation Agrifood translation

Lidl Lidl

Real estate Real estate

Altitude Courchevel Altitude Courchevel

Educational institutions Educational institutions

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Audiovisual translation Audiovisual translation

Tous Courts Festival Tous Courts Festival

Medical translation Medical translation

Fujifilm Fujifilm

Tourism translation Tourism translation

Tarn Departmental Tourism Committee Tarn Departmental Tourism Committee

Leading online retailer Leading online retailer

Cdiscount Cdiscount

Wikipedia entry Wikipedia entry

Wikipedia Wikipedia

Legal translation Legal translation

Opéra National de Paris Opéra National de Paris

Fashion translation Fashion translation

Princesse tam.tam Princesse tam.tam

Tourism translation with SITRA Tourism translation with SITRA

Annecy Tourist Office Annecy Tourist Office

English French sub-titling English French sub-titling

Société Générale Private Banking Société Générale Private Banking

Institutional Translation Institutional Translation


Website Translation Website Translation

Jerome Lejeune Institute Jerome Lejeune Institute

French to English translation French to English translation

Department of Marne Department of Marne

Tourism translation Tourism translation

Vaux le Vicomte Vaux le Vicomte

European development European development

Auto Diff Auto Diff

Tourism translation Tourism translation

Isère Departmental Tourism Committee Isère Departmental Tourism Committee

Lingerie translation Lingerie translation

Comptoir des Cotonniers Comptoir des Cotonniers

French Italian translation French Italian translation

Medispa Medispa

French English Simultaneous interpretation French English Simultaneous interpretation

Fitness Challenges Fitness Challenges

Interpreting Interpreting

Terry Gilliam Terry Gilliam

Website Website

Website Website

Foire de Paris Foire de Paris

Translation into english Translation into english


Translation FR>EN and FR>IT Translation FR>EN and FR>IT

Musée National du Sport Musée National du Sport

Proofreading Proofreading

OVM International OVM International


Salins Group Salins Group

Tourism translation Tourism translation

Côte-d Côte-d

Exhibition texts Exhibition texts

Palace of Discovery Palace of Discovery

Website translation Website translation

Topsec Topsec

Implantology medical Implantology medical

Hygiène express Hygiène express

Real estate Real estate

seloger seloger

Website Translation Website Translation

Website Website

Sankoré Sankoré

Wedding ceremony of Wedding ceremony of

Prince Albert of Monaco Prince Albert of Monaco

tourist information database tourist information database

tourism department of Eure tourism department of Eure

Labyrinth Labyrinth

DK games DK games

Atomic Energy Atomic Energy


Interpreting Interpreting

City of Aix-en-Provence City of Aix-en-Provence