An Interpreter in Tokyo BIG SIGHT

Tokyo Big Sight is the largest exhibition and convention center in Tokyo and hosts the greatest international events in Japan, such as commercial exhibitions, trade fairs and conferences. Based in Tokyo, Atenao Asia and its interpreters assist you throughout the Tokyo Big Sight and the almost-equally famous Makuhari Messe. Hiring an interpreter in Tokyo is a key to success at the BIG SIGHT.

Tokyo Big Sight doesn’t fail to stand out as a unique landmark in Tokyo thanks to its distinctive dome-like structures. It’s become quite the reference for both Japanese and multinational companies looking to introduce their products and services to the public. It is also a key location for our interpretation agency, Atenao Asia located in Nakameguro, south of the iconic Shibuya district, approximately 10 kilometers from Odaiba as the crow flies.

Atenao and its interpreters are especially fond of the vast and complex Tokyo Big Sight. However, it may not be so easy for foreign visitors to navigate; so, if you ever find yourself lost in the Tokyo Big Sight, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Distance between Atenao and Tokyo Big Sight

Smart Energy Week 2024: Interpretation services for Energy sector

The Smart Energy Week is the prime international exhibition for energy innovation. In 2024, it gathered more than 1500 exhibitors specialized in the fields of hydrogen, fuel cells, solar power systems, rechargeable batteries, smart grids, wind, biomass and thermal energy, as well as decarbonization solutions and circular economy systems.

We had the pleasure of supporting 2 of our clients throughout their exchanges with Japanese visitors. The Dutch company, SEATOOLS, specialized in marine technology showcased its bespoke solutions in matters of subaquatic challenges, mainly for offshore gas and petrol sectors, renewable energy and aquaculture.

Atenao's Japanese interpreter on Seatools' exhibition stand

The American company MUIR AI, focused on providing sustainable and cost-effective supply chain solutions, showcased its carbon emission reduction solutions using state-of-the-art AI and data fusion technologies.

MUIR AI had recently closed $3.25 million dollars in a seed funding round led by venture capital firm Base10 Partners, with the support of Madrona Venture Labs and Soma Capital. The funding will accelerate Muir’s development of AI technology to reduce emissions within corporations’ supply chain.

Our Japanese interpreter on MUIR.AI's exhibition stand MUIR.AI's exhibition stand

CPHI Avril 2024 : Interpretation services for Pharma

Gathering some 30,000 professionals of the pharmaceutical industry coming from almost 50 countries and regions worldwide, Tokyo Big Sight’s CPHI is the largest Japanese pharmaceutical development trade show. The exhibition serves as a meeting point for partners to support the creation and stable supply of new and innovative medicine. With 250 scheduled sessions, further improvement was introduced to the conference and seminars program highlighting and presenting national and international regulations, markets and the latest industry technologies.

Atenao supported its clients from india, QbD Research and Development Lab Private Limited and SV AGROFOOD, during exhibition stand visits, commercial discussions and throughout the showcase of both companies most recent technologies

QbD Research and Development Lab Private Limited

The company founded in 2012, is based in Thane, Maharashtra, India and specializes in customized protocols, methods and processes designed for specific analytical requirements. Our interpreter was assigned to personally shadow its founders Shrikant Vinayak Kulkarni, Nilesh Chandrashekhar Dhamorikar and Bhakti Nilesh Dhamorikar during the CPHI.

Atenao's Japanese interpreter on QbD Research and Development Lab Private Limited's exhibition stand


SV Agrofood, established in 1999, is based in Delhi, India, and operates mainly in the field of manufacturing and exporting plant-based products.

With a yearly turnover ranging between 1 and 2.5 million US dollars, SV Agrofood has a significant presence on international markets, with the majority of its exports aimed towards Europe, North America and Asia.

Our Japanese interpreter on SV AGROFOOD's exhibition stand

The importance of having a Japanese interpreter at your stand in Tokyo

Having an interpreter at your stand throughout international exhibitions is crucial to showcase your products and services to a foreign audience who may not speak your native language or isn’t sufficiently proficient in English. This is typically the case in Japan, where few locals speak a second language. The presence of an interpreter motivates visitors to approach your stand and discover your products and services. The Japanese are naturally timid and reserved and may very well hesitate to approach a booth where a fellow Japanese national isn’t present. Hence, the odds of Japanese visitors approaching your exhibitor stand are exponentially higher when a Japanese interpreter is present.

Makuhari Messe, “The Other” convention center in Japan

Located in the Chiba district in eastern Tokyo, around thirty kilometers from our agency as the crow flies, the Makuhari Messe hosts within its massive 210,000 m2 of exhibition space, major events such as the Tokyo Game Show, the Tokyo Motor Show, Jump Festa and the Wonder Festival as well the famous Japanese rock festival, Summer Sonic.

If you choose to exhibit in one of the international events hosted in either, the Tokyo Big Sight or the Makuhari Messe, it will be our utmost pleasure to provide you with one of conference interpreters. Should you also need to translate your POS advertisement, brochures, or video presentations, Atenao will always provide you with a Japanese translator for the job.

Distance between Atenao and Makuhari Messe