Technical translation for GDF SUEZ

Atenao manages to translate an incredible 62,000 words in 48 hours for ENGIE.

When the vice world leader of energy ENGIE solicited Atenao for the French to English translation of an invitation to tenders application containing 62,000 words, such a challenge seems practically impossible… Seeing as our translators normally translate an average of 2,500 words per day, the 62,000 mots from ENGIE required, under these conditions, 25 full working days to complete such a task.

What possible solutions could there be to such a challenge? A team of translators? It would take 12 plus an additional proofreader.

The 62,000 words were in fact translated within the 48 hours by a strong team of translators, together in one room, fully equipped with the latest CAT tool software. Harmonization of terminology had been provided by the establishment in the form of of an approved terminology glossary.

Project category: technical translation
Source and target format: Microsoft Word
Field: Energy sector translation
Linguistic combinations: French English translation .
Volume of words : 62,000