Free resources for translators

After noticing that thousands of linguistic resources and valuable works remain forgotten on hard-drives all over the world, Atenao created a library dedicated to translation, interpretation, and linguistic science. This library contains the works of translators, interpreters, linguists and other language specialists.

Interpreters and translators … share your works on Atenao linguistic resources library

If you wish to breathe life once again in your works, articles, dissertations, or research thesis, and share them with the linguistic community, feel free to forward your work to us.

  • Every article is available free of charge in text, Epub and PDF format.
  • Atenao handles the creation of Epub files.
  • Publishing will be subject to licensing and every document remains your property.


Qualité de l’eau en sortie de toiture végétalisée par Yann Sarrabère

Étude chronologique sur la variété régionale de l’anglais dans le Sud du Yorkshire by Kizzi EDENSOR

Autismo da vaccino: Attenzione alle bufale! by Rosa Caprio

Automatische Extraktion und Übersetzung von Mehrwortlexemen by Lisa MAYER