List of CAT Tools

Main ones :


This is the simplest and one of the cheapest CAT software. Its efficiency and ease of use makes it the second most popular of its kind in the world. It allows you to translate all files in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. Wordfast runs on MAC, it has a memory editor, a glossary, and is compatible with Trados.

Wordfast Tips:

Wordfast offers the possibility of processing tagged files if they have been prepared using Trados Stagger or SWS Rainbow, by example.

Price: 250,00
Free updates for 3 years

Download WordFast and WordAlign


Omega is an open source software to help translation (in Java) and runs on Windows and Mac. It works with files in openoffice and staroffice format. Through the Unicode format, Omega allows the use of non-Latin alphabets.

Price: free

Download OmegaT

Déjà Vu

This complete CAT software, Déjà Vu, combines project management and translation and is one of the most widely valued CAT tools. Combining TM management and advanced machine translation (Example-Based Machine Translation) means increased productivity. The quality of translation is optimised through important features dedicated to control and verification of translation. Finally, it is worth noting that this software has automatic backup and secures projects with passwords.

Price for Standard Version DV X: 290,00 €
Price for Professional Version DV X2: 690,00
Upgrade from DV X Standard to DV X2 Standard: 145,00 €

Download Deja Vu X


Across, developed by Ahead Software AG (better known for the commercialisation of the Nero CD burning software), is not very widely used by translators. It offers a workspace that brings all the actors of a project together (client, project manager, translator). It also offers a tool for creating and managing TM and terminology databases, an alignment tool, a control of the original with copies at the end of translation, the conversion of TM Trados, Transit or Déjà Vu.

Compatible with Word Excel, PowerPoint, XML, HTML, InDesign, FrameMaker, rc, exe, dll.

Price : 390,00 €

Download Across


Similis offers a translation tool which allows you to translate Microsoft Word documents in interactive mode linked to a Similis server which helps to manage and pre-translate documents as well as helping with translation memory, glossaries and alignment.
The server deals with all linguistic processes and stores data (memory, vocabulary etc.). Similis recognises and can process the majority of existing memory formats.

Download Similis


This is a complete solution that integrates project management (orders, quotes), management of vocabulary databases and translation memory. The online feature allows the intervention of several people on each project (client, project manager, translator…).

SDL Trados / SDLX

These two programs are now one of the largest and most widely used software packages in the world, and therefore probably the most efficient. A server function allows to share the software suite.

Download SDL TRADOS Translators’ Workbench, TagEditor, MultiTerm, WinAlign, S-Tagger and more


MemoQ is an integrated localisation environment that is comptabile with formats such as Microsoft Office, Inesign, frameMaker, xml, html, RESX, java, etc. and has the advantage of maintaining the format of the original document (notably for DTP formats). Like most CAT tools, MemoQ includes a translation tool, terminology management and offers the possibility of processing multiple files at the same time.

Unrestricted downloadable demo for a minimum of 90 days

Download MemoQ


Heartsome is a CAT software running on Windows, Linux, Mac, Solaris and Unix that handles most formats including docx, xlsx, pptx, openoffice, XLIFF, TMX, TBX, SRX, GMX. It has a TM editor with an import/export function compatible with txt and tmx format.

Price : 328,00 €

Download Heartsome translation tools

Alchemy Catalyst

Localisation software suite for agencies that integrate different phases and participants of a project (managers, software engineeers, localisers, translators and quality engineers).

Download Alchemy Catalyst


Anaphraseus is a Wordfast macro for Openoffice and works in the same way as Wordfast. It offers a TM editor, a translation tool, editing and glossary creation. The significant advantage: it’s free!

Price : free

Download Anaphraseus


Logoport is an online TM and translation system from Lionbridge, a world leader in translation. Logoport allows you to set up large work groups. With open standards, Logoport supports the zliff format. The system integrates all automated translation engines directly linked to the Lionbridge vocabulary base.


The SDL giant localisation tool



CatsCradle is a webpage editor specially created for professional translators. It is a website translator software that processes notably CHM, HHC, HHK and Unicode which allows it to deal with Cyrillic, Greek, Thai, Chinese and Japanese alphabets.

Download CatsCradle

ENLASO Localization tool

This RWS (Enlaso) software localisation suite contains Rainbow (a file and code converter), Horizon (a document comparator) and album (an enhanced paper press).

Download Enlasso

Internal Tool

Star Transit

Unlike most CAT tools, the architecture of Star transit is built around a TM documentary and not on a segment basis. The memory therefore does not restore segments; however, previously translated reference documents make it easier to integrate the stylistic aspect. It also includes a terminology management tool. It is compatible with the format TM tmx, it supports a large number of file formats such as: html, xhtml, sgml2, svg, doc, xlx, ppt, qxd, indd, ttx…


MetaTexis is a CAT software that works with Word. It can read and process Trados and Wordfast documents and can also use the Trados and Workbench memory manager.

Price: Pro version: 79,00 €
NET/office version: 109,00 €

Download MetaTexis


Dedicated to online clients, Pootle acts as an online back office. The translation is done directly online and the tool communicates statistical information. However, there are two major disadvantages: the translation time is significantly influenced by connection quality and it is not possible to use a CAT tool. This therefore results in time wasting and an increase in the cost of translation.

Qt Linguist

Coming from the Qt framwork, QT Linguist is a translation application that allows you to translate with different applications and programs. It is simple to use.

Download Qt Linguist


This is a tool for translating and locating web content that supports the most common source code formats such as HTML, SGML, XML, ASP, JSP, PHP and their variations.

It also offers main functions of a code editor.

Price: €390,00

Download WebBudget.


Anymen is user-friendly translation software. It is compact, stable and easy to use. Anymen accepts Unicode format and can work with any language combination without resorting to external components such as NET Framework or Java Virtual Machine, which are normally required by translation software.

Price: € 89 (1 month free trial)

Download Anymem,


Tr-Aid is a Greek language translation memory that works entirely alongside Microsoft Word. The Institute of Languages and Discourse Processes created it in order to perfect translations from Greek.

Download Tr-Aid

Translation followup

Translation Followup is an ERP for translation agencies that allows you to manage projects from the moment they are ordered until billing. It also manages file planning and purchase orders. This ERP functions in mono, multi-posts, and physical or virtual networks (on the internet) on Windows or Linux.

Download Translation Followup

Fortis translation Suite

Complete computer aided translation suite.

Download Fortis Translation Suite


ECCO is a CAT software for Windows developed by a professional translator, and includes a vocabulary editor and a translation manager. Ecco also runs Unicode.

Parallel text display (Source and side-by-side translation).
Search feature in the source document
Creation of dossiers for each language combination and subject matter
Automatic search of terms in dictionaries
Import /export of TM

Price 450,00 €

Download Ecco

Transit Satellite PE

This free and simplified version of Transit workstation Transit Satellite PE is dedicated to translators who work with agencies and who do not have CAT software or, in the case of projects with several translators, standardised workstations.

Compatible with Windows.

Download Transit Satellite PE


TwinBridge is a writing tool that integrates a translation dictionary. Although the input is Japanese or Chinese, it is compatible with all Western systems.

Demo version : Download TwinBridge

AidTrans Studio

This is a translation memory and terminology software and editor. It supports (on Word, Excel, Power Point), HTML, XML, Trados TTX, OpenOffice documents, TM imports and exports.

Standard edition (limited): Free of charge
Professional edition: 290,00 €
Business edition: 580,00 €

Download AidTrans Studio


This plug-in function provider searches in the French-English-French Hachette-Oxford dictionary (175000 words and expressions and 270000 translations) from an internet browser.

Download iFinger

Okapi tools

Tool for preparing files for translation.

Download Okapi tools


Olifant is a free Windows TM editor namely for deletion, modification, imports and exports of a TM.

– Conversion between TM formats
– TM fusion
– Easy identification of repetitions
– Ability to export subsections of TM
– Find/replace function
– SQL query, and filtering of translation units

Download Olifant

Lingobit localizer

This software localisation tool allows developpers to find applications and work effectively with translators.

Download Lingobit Localizer

Langage Studio

Translation localisation and management software suite.

Download Langage Studio


Sisulizer allows you to work directly in programming language C++ Builder, Delphi, Visual C + +, Visual Basic, Java, Windows or binary files or XLIFF.

Sisulizer can also enter text from files and databases.

This software also deals with NET for smart devices, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Symbian, J2ME etc.

Price: 300 USD

Download Sisulizer

Visual Localize

A software localisation tool for a Windows application or an XML database that processes compiled (binary) programs.



iLocalize runs on Mac and allows you to manage several linguistic combinations at one time. It also provides imports/exports of lexicons or glossaries.

Download iLocalize


Tramigo is one of the few software to translate SWF Flash MX files.

The animation text is first extracted in a translation project and later translated. A new SWF animation is generated after the translation.

Free demo. Licence: 95$ or €90

Download Tramigo


Caterpillar is an HTML text extractor and integrator for website translation. The software creates a single file including all the text contained in the HTML and provides a simple way to reintegrate.

Free demo.

Price: £24,99

Download Caterpillar

Ando tools

This is a Microsoft Word and Excel add-on designed for translators, proofreaders and developers.


Cimos MTLS is a mixture of automatic translation and translation memory, based on semantic analysis and grammatical universitality.

Apple Trans

Apple Trans is one of the few CAT tools that run on MAC. It works like a text editor.

Open Language Tools

CAT tools suite

TSM Translation search machine

Free online language content


Worldfisher is a macro for MS Word that can be used when the project does not require the use of a large TM manager.

Manipulation (multi-file)
Search function and context lookup
Automatic glossary creation during translation
Automatic construction of bilingual corpus
Full verification of coherence and completeness of translation

Language Weaver

This CAT software uses statistical techniques of cryptography, employing algorithmic learning that allows you to automatically translate from existing translations.

Araya Suite

This software integrates the XLIFF editor and the HSQL database, running on Windows NT/2000/XP; Linux for Red Hat.


POEdit is a multi-platformsoftware (for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux) for translation of .po files (gettext).

Download POEdit

LogiTerm Pro

LogiTerm is a Computer Assisted Translation software developped by Terminotix and runs on windows. Operating as a search engine, LogiTerm allows you to consult your vocabulary, your bilingual texts and your archives. It has tools to aid translation, terminology, data conversion and alignment.

Download LogiTerm


MultiTrans is a translation memory, dedicated to companies that work with the traditional formats of translation memories. There are several modules:

The memory itself and its alignment tool.
A translation tool compatible with word processing software.
A project analysis tool.

Price: 19,95$

Download MultiTrans


Practicount is one of the most accurate word count programs. It also allows invoice automation based on a tarif per word. The main disadvantage, however, is that it does not provide translation memory.

Price: 79,95$

Download Praxticount

Nib Translate

Nib Translate is a Mac-based software for translating and generating “nib” files (text filed in an XML format that describes the interface elements of applications such as windows, menus, buttons, text etc).

Download Nib Translate

Swordfish Translation Editor

Swordfish is a translation memory editor that runs on Mac, Linux and PC (on java). It supports most bilingual and translation memory file formats and also produces Xliff formats.

Download Swordfish Demo

XTM suite

XTM Suite 4 is a collection of tools, available via an installed server or as a hosted application. It can be used globally or separately to translate documents from one language to another and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and supports MySQL, Oracle, Postgre, XTM languages. Once the document is translated, you can consult it, check it and insert comments in Workbench XTM (for example, to ensure that standard vocabulary is used in all areas of the company). Teams can work together across a number of documents through a unified workflow structure.

Other parts of the suite:
XTM terminology (standard dictionary) and workflow allow you to manage projects and produce statistics at each stage of the project.

Download XTM suite free trial

Fortis Révolution

The software company MultiLing markets Fortis revolution. This CAT software creates and maintains translation memory during the process and offers integrated translation integrated vocabulary control features.

Price: 199$ for 1 licence (decreases acording to number of jobs carried out)

Download Fortis Révolution


Products | JiveFusion Suite

JiveFusion Technologies is a linguistic tool suite that can be used in a centralised or non-centralised network after being installed on a server. Fusion is integrated into the Microsoft office suite and allows direct translation to the sourcce language in Word, Excel and Powerpoint files.

Fusion One: Translation memory: translation storage, manual and automatic research tools
Fusion Collaborative: collaborative translation memory
Fusion Terminology: creation of terminology bases
Fusion Coordinate: project management tool.

Download Fusion


GlobalSight is an open source CAT software licensed under Apache 2.0 and developed in Java Globalsight. It uses a MySQL database and supports computer-aided translation and machine translation.

Main features:

Automation of filtering tasks, segmentation, TM update, target file generation
Translation memory
Full support for translation processes involving multiple providers

Two online translation editors
Calculation of cost based on adaptable rates for each stage of the localisation process
Filters for Word, RTF, PowerPoint, Excel, XML, HTML, Javascript, PHP, ASP, JSP, Java Properties, Frame, InDesign, etc
Match search
Creation and alignment of translation memory in already translated documents.

Download GlobalSight


The Felix tool is a translation memory manager “made by translators, for translators”.

Price: 350€

Download Felix


ppt.helper is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation translation tool that works as a stand-alone application, compatible with Trados, Wordfast and the main CAT software.
Main advantages:
Original formatting is 100% maintained with an auto-adjust function

Processes complex graphics, notes and document masks. PPt. helper extracts the content of a PowerPoint presentation in a user-friendly way that facilitates translation. If need be, the texte can be automatically extracted from slides, headers, notes, slide master, document mask, title mask.
No clean–up at the end of translation
Storage of translation memoy generated in tmx format (compatible with SDL Trados, Wordfast, etc.)
Ppt.helper creates its own translation memory where the linguistic data is stored.

Trial Version: 9,90$
Full Version: 40,00$

Download ppt.helper


Foreigndesk is open source software produced by the Lionbridge company. It runs on Windows and offers:
– An integrated translation environment (translation memory, terminology management, contextual visualisation and translation assistance)
– Possibility to add native support for new file formats
– Option to add native support for new file formats
– A terminology management application
– A project management assistant.

Price: Free

Download Foreigndesk


gtranslator is a po file editor, similar to the PO edit method used by gettext for the GNOME desktop environment. It processes all po file formats, compiled (gmo/mo), compressed (po.gz/po.bz2 etc.) and all the utilities of a text editor such as find/replace, automatic translation, learning transcribed messages, a message table, and easy navigation through messages and comments.

Price: Free

Download gtranslator


Cafetran is a CAT tool written in Java with translation memory, glossary and terminology search on the internet. It also allows source-less translation with autocomplete functionality. The software is not free, but a downloadable trial version is available. Documents translated into Cafetan are generated in an XLIFF file.
The main inconvenience is that it is difficult to use and it has atypical menus; in addition, the help file available on the website is incomplete and poorly organised.

Translation of documents in the most common formats.
Translation of paper and image documents
Creation of translation memories, alignment function
Software localisation – Java, Mac and NET
Translation memory server for working in groups

Download Cafetran


RC- WinTrans is a software suite for graphical user interface localisation created by Microsoft. It is easy to navigate, especially for finding texts, menus and Windows text boxes. It can process all languages, including Asian and bi-directional languages (in Arabic and Hebrew), and is available in a Unicode version for Windows NT/2000/XP and MBCS for Windows 98/Me.

Main applications and features:

*Windows Forms NET
Supports C# and Basic Visual files, XML (RESX), binary resource files (resources), and text files (TXT)
Creation of localised satellite DLLs for Windows Forls (EXE) and control library files (DLL)
*Win32 Resource Script locator (RC), executable binary, library files (EXE, DLL, OCX), INI Windows files, InstallShield string files (SHL), Java files.
*Viewer. Context and format editor
Flip function for MidEast styles (Arabic and Hebrew)
*OLE interface
*ActiveX controls
*Import and export of text files and translation memory (TMX)
* Glossaries

*Trados Translator’s Workbench: Integrated support of Trados™ translation memory with translation of usage data and the exchange of similar data using and internal translation memory

*The Source File Control Change deals with modifications; it updates the database when the source file has been modified.

Download RC-Wintrans


Initranslator is free app for PC that allows you to edit files in an .ini or .po format (via a plug in for .po files) in a program for its localisation. The app is in the form of a table with three columns:
Original translation / new translation / n° of lines
The main advantage of using this app, apart from it being free, is being able to use Hebrew, Asian, Arabic and Cyrillic characters.


Stingray is a multi-platform document alignment tool, used to assist professional translators in the production of bilingual files and to add to translation memories. Translation memories made by Stingray can be used with the majority of CAT tools, notably Swordfish, which shares the same interface.

Export Formats

Unicode CSV with user-defined dividers
TMX (Translation Memory eXchange)
Trados TXT (used by SDL Trados versions 7 & 8)
SXLIFF 1.2 standard exchange format

Supported file formats

The file formats processed by Stignray are almost indentical to those managed by Swordfish:
Adobe InDesign Interchange (INX)
IDML Adobe InDesign (CS4/CS5)
Microsoft Office * 2007/2010
Microsoft Visio * 2007/2010
MIF (Maker Interchange Format)
OpenOffice / StarOffice 1.x et 2.x
Texte brut
RTF (Rich Text Format)
XML (generic)
DITA o 1,0 et 1,1


Wordbee Translator

Wordbee Translator is a translation help tool combined with a project management platform. Everything is done online and no installation is required. Each user is given an access code that allows them to connect to a collaborative environment from any computer with a web browser. This allows them to:

– Manage a database of clients and lists of prices
– Create and receive orders via a portal and create detailed invoices
– Integrate, create, manage, and add to traduction memories and glossaries, even ones that come from other translation hep tools
– Create projects, no matter how complex (and eventually create automatic workflows)
– Access terminology databases (IATE/UNTERM), online dictionnaries and automatic translation tools (e.g. Reverso)
– Manage a wide range of formats (Word, Excel, Power Point, pages web, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, XML, TTX…)
– Access the platform anytime, anywhere
– Preview translations (including on Powerpoint)
– Customise the environment
– Add and use spell checks.

Download Wordbee Translator


WDTrad is a CAT software which allows you to translate tools for message input related to the follow applications: WinDev, WebDev and Mobile. This software is rather handy in terms of its presentation: it is in a double table input of source language /tagret language. It also facilitates entering translations of messages and limits the risk of error.

Main features:
– Visualising the text to be translated and entering its translation
– Visalising the elements corresponding the text to be translated in WinDev, WebDev or WinDev Mobile
– Carries out automatic translation or translation via a dictionary
– Automatically translates all identical words or expressions
– Saves a terminological glossary
– Verifies the consistency of translations by previewing the entirety of the original texte and the translated text
– Avoids operating faults by working directly on the message file to be translated
– Visualises in real time the progress of the translation and the number of lines.

Download WDTrad


TranslateCAD is a software dedicated to professional translators working on AutoCAD DXF files and designs. TranslateCAD is adapted to the most common CAT software and their translation memories (Trados, SDLX, Wordfast, Deja Vu, MetaTexis, CafeTran, Across, MemoQ, MultiTrans, OmegaT, Similis, Swordfish, Transit, Heartsome, Lingotek). It also carries out word counts and allows you to extract DXF designs.

Using Unicode language, it can be used to translate any language, regardless of its alphabet (including Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, Russian, Thai, Japanese…)

Trial Version: free
Price: 29 $

Download TranslateCAD


Trans is an Autocad add-on that allows you to translate files and designs created on Autocad, it is compatible with the majority of CAT software and the following versions of Autocad: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004 and all vertical AutoCAD versions (architecture, mechanical, Map, Civil 3D…).

The texts on the images are exported in raw format, so the reimportation under Autocad is as simple as possible. The one small inconvenience is that Trans does not support double-byte languages, or their Unicode format (UTF-8).

Trial Version: free
Price: 39 €

Download Trans


EspernatiloTM is an open-source translation memory. The program processes the formats HTML, OpenOffice, XML, and MS Word (partly) and can use the exhange formats TMX and XLIFF. EsperantiloTM runs on Windows and Linux.

– Ease of installation
– Compatible with standard formats TMX and XLIFF
– Translation memory editor

– Possible software bugs

Esperanto is programmed in TCL and uses the spell checker Hunspellfor. The data management is carried out by sSQLite.

Price: Free


ABBYY FineReader

Abbyy is a text recognition software (OCR) that allows an editable version to be made of an image or pdf file containing text. This is useful in instances where the text will be used on another medium or for a translation for example. It also helps to avoid re-entering the text. In addition, Abbyy maintains the layout of the original text and ensures linguistic recognition of the text. This is one of the best OCR programs at this time.

Price: 129,00 TTC

Download ABBYY FineReader


Solid Converter is a text recognition software (OCR) that runs on Windows and Macqui and allows you to convert pdf files into several modifiable formats (Excel, Word…). The layout of the file created is faithful to that of the source text; its images are reproduced and the text can then be modified for other purposes such as translation. This software is undoubtably the most used OCR solution in within the Atenao agency.

The trial version is limited to 15 days and 10% of the original document.
Price: 66,00€

Download Solid Converter


Read Iris is a text recognition software (OCR) that runs on Mac and is particularly adapted to image files and scanned pdfs (non-modifiable). The process of recognition is of high quality and the software manages a large number of languaes. With more challenging files, Read Iris succeeds where programs such as Solid Converter or Abbyy fail.

Home Version: 45,00 € TTC
Pro Version: 78,00 €

QA Checker

QA checker is a post-translation verification plug-in that can quickly pick up inconsistencies in a translation. For example, it identifies errors that are difficult to spot with the naked eye after hours of work, notably mistakes due to the acceptance of “fuzzy matches” with TMs (numbers, tags). It checks the consistency of segments, punctuation and numbers etc. between the source text and the translated text.
– Compares source segments again translated segments, for example to detect obvious differences in length
-Searches for inconsistent or repeated translations
-Verifies the translation of numbers, dates and times, checks if brand names are translated
– Checks that files are not too long
Main weakness: QA checker is difficult to use with other file formats than those used for the translation.

QA Distiller

QA Distiller is a program for Windows that allows automatic detection of formal errors in translations and translation memories. It carries out fast and easy correction of these errors.
The following categories of errors are detected: ommissions, inconsistencies, format issues, vocabulary errors.
QA Distiller can manage several files at the same time and has independent settings for each language.
Main features:
– Blank segments, forgotten translations (partial), unopened segments
– Inconsistencies in the target and source languages
– Spaces, punctuation, brackets, special characters, capitalisation
– Specific format errors for each language: errors in characters, spaces value and format of numbers, apostrophes, units of meaure.

Main weaknesses: many false errors are spotted and sometimes it is difficult to open several files at one time.

Price: From 249 €

Download QA Distiller


ApSIC Xbench is a versatile QA tool that can be used for efficient contextual searches (source, target, TM, glossaries): omissions, numbers, inconsistencies, tags and gouble spaces. Xbench is effective and sufficient over all. You just need to load the files in one of the dozens of CAT formats to take the quality of your translation to the next level.

Price: 99€/year
Free trial version

Download Xbench

Error spy

ErrorSpy is a quality-assurance program that runs on Windows and automatically verifies a range of characteristics. It also evaluates the quality of a translation. Using objective and configurable criteria, ErrorSPy automatically generates an evaluation of the translation as well as a list of errors. With its advances interface, ErrorSPy presents multiple features and very precise settings (numbers and units of measure, spacing, acronyms, typography etc.)
Main features:
– Vocabulary verification
– Verifies consistency
– Checks tags
– Verifies acronyms
– Checks for missing translations

Weakness: A longer set-up time

Price: From €249

Download Error spy

Translation Office 3000

Translation Office 3000 is a translation management software designed specifically for freelance translators. This software is a “must” for those professionals who are eager to develop their business and do not want to be stuck with administrative and accounting tasks. Translation Office 3000 runs under Windows and is simple to use, it allows the management of quotes and invoices, customers files, prices, means of payment, and the agenda and archives of different projects.
Standard version (individual): 185€
Pro version: 319€
Advanced version (businesses): 399€

More information

Download trial version


Projetex is a translation management software, presented in 3D, for translation companies. This software helps to manage translation projects more efficiently, by integrating the various particpants in the projects, creating quotes and invoices, tracking payments, and managing in-house staff as well as freelance translators. Projetex works both on a local network and through web connection and offers customized features.
Version 1 workstation: 1995€
Version 20 workstations: 28845€
Version 50 workstations: 45995€

More information

Download trial version Projetex


AnyCount is a counting tool available for translators, editors and proofreaders. This software helps to count words, characters, lines or pages in 36 different file formats, including the common formats (DOC, DOCX, HTML, TXT, ODT, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX …) as well as image files (JPG, PNG, GIF) PDFs and ZIP or RAR files. This software also offers the feature which allows you to hide certain characters from the wordcount. The wordcount includes numbers, headers, footers, and formatted text.
Version 1 workstation: 59€
Version 5 workstations: 249€
Version 9 workstations: 375

More information

Download trial version AnyCount


AceProof is a control tool for the quality of translations. It identifies formatting errors in bilingual files, such as unnecessary or missing spaces, punctuation marks, numeric mismatches, untranslated segments etc. This software suports files in the formats DOC, DOCX, RTF, HE, HLM, TMX, TTX, XLS, XLSX, XLF, XLZ and XLIFF. It also includes a TM and a glossary.
Individual version: 49€
Pro version: 199€
Business version: 499€

More information

Download trial version AceProof


ExactSpent is a time management software which operates in real-time. Designed for translators, it allows them to monitor the time spent on different projects or jobs, in order to best estimate the time required and costs for the clients. An alarm system allows them to pace the translations and prioritize the urgent projects in order to optimize the time available before delivery.
Individual version: 39€
Business version: from 59€ to 599€

More information

Download trial version ExactSpent



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