Technical translation

The industrial sector uses extremely precise and specific vocabulary. The accurate description of each term, concept and measurement is vital. The quality of a technical translation can be gauged by its precision, clarity, coherence and conciseness.

Precision in technical translation

The translation of technical texts is purely functional and practical, given that the text must fulfil a need for information. The translation must convey objective data taken from a perfectly accurate source text.

Technical Objectivity in translation

Technical texts have no rhetorical or persuasive aspect. The translation must therefore be entirely factual, with no added or suggested undertones.

Technical Logic in translation

Technical texts have no subjective element. The translation must convey logically and exactly the same information, in order to consistently and assuredly perform the same processes and complete the same operations.

Clarity of a technical translation

The translation of a technical text does not make use of any stylistic effects; the information transmitted is more literal and not open to interpretation, relying on utmost simplicity of terms for clarity and understanding.

Typical profile of our technical translators

Martin, 25+ years experience in technical documentation translation.

  • Native (target) language: Portuguese.
  • Source languages: French, English, German.
  • Academic qualifications: Language and Interpreters’ Institute, Munich; Mechanical Engineering at the University of Porto.


  • Industrial companies
  • Distributors
  • Software publishers
  • Standardization centres
  • Technical publishers


  • Reference manuals
  • Maintenance instructions
  • User manuals
  • Technical specifications
  • Operational documents
  • Standardizations
  • Patents
  • Certification procedures

Atenao’s Technical Translation Clients

Freesecurity, Chopard, Ragasco, Anyware Technologies Panimatic, Eurovia, Decopierre, Habitat, Orange, Fédération Nationale des Scieries, Afrique Telecom, Atlas Telecom, Ecobati, De Dietrich, GDF-SUEZ, Groupe SAMSE, Blanchefontaine, Audemars Piguet, Air Liquide


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