Professional translations approach

A dedicated team focused on your project

Our highly-experienced team, comprising perfectly bilingual native translators, brings all its expertise to translating your texts and to ensuring their original meaning remains intact.

A time-tested and trusted approach

We apply a rigorous working method when translating your documents which ensures that the final version delivered to you is of premium quality and is perfectly in line with your requirements:

  • needs analysis.
  • drawing up a tailored solution for the context, a process and backward scheduling hand-in-hand with the client.
  • your documents may be transmitted to us and delivered to you via the medium of your choice.
  • a Project Manager, appointed as lead, is in charge of your documents and is your exclusive point of contact up to the final validation phase.
  • a translator, specializing in your business sector, is assigned to your project and sees it through to completion. Our translators, equipped with industry-best language editing software, master their language as well as the most powerful IT tools.
    We can also set up a team comprising several translators to work on a same project if and when required. In such cases, the final translation is proofread one last time by a single proofreader to ensure the text is absolutely consistent and any terminological variations or semantic discrepancies are corrected.
  • The translator and Project Manager carry out a quality check and review of the translation prior to delivery. As an option, you may request that a third-party translator perform a second full spelling, grammar, syntax and typography review and proofreading pursuant to the EN-15038:2006 European standard.

Regardless of the type of text you wish to translate, we can answer your request without delay.

Live translations? Yes, practically!

Thanks to the rapid development of Internet, a myriad of media websites publish information ‘live’ and propose their content in various foreign languages. For breaking news to remain so throughout the world, Atenao has designed a translation platform for its clients that is virtually live & direct: depending on the volume, we can deliver your translations to you in record time.