DVDSubEdit is a free software that runs on Windows and allows the processing of .vob or .sub files. It allows you to view and edit the subtitles directly in the subtitled files.

This avoids the need to demux and remux the files, that is to say, to disassemble the audiovisual files containing the subtitles and the audiovisual document and then to reassemble them after modification. The process is almost instantaneous and leads to a quick processing of the document, especially with regard to subtitle translations for example. DVDSubEdit has many tools for editing subtitles. It allows you to reposition the subtitles horizontally or vertically, modify their colour and transparency, hide them, resynchronise them with the audiovisual document and also remove them. It also includes an option to edit the subtitle via an external bitmap editing software such as Photoshop, Gimp or Paint. This software can be useful for translation service providers specialised in audiovisual translation because it includes an optical character recognition that applies an algorithm on subtitles, allowing you to search them, modify and export them in the format .srt or .sup.

Windows operating system
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