Subtitle Workshop

Very popular with professional translators and translating agencies, Subtitle Workshop is a free software for creating subtitles running in Windows. Not only can the subtitles be created but also edited, converted and saved in 60 different formats via the Subtitle API library.

The file format when saving the subtitles is also customisable by the user. Subtitle Workshop supports style tags (bold, italic, underlined) as well as colour tags. This software, designed for audio-visual translation, offers a multilingual interface that is also customisable. It includes many useful tools for film translation such as timekeeping and automatic durations, line adjustment, Frame Per Second (FPS) conversion, search and replace, and text manipulation. It includes a complete customisable system for manual or automatic detection, correction and marking of various time errors, thereby facilitating the translation of subtitles. Its CpS (Character per Second) system accommodates the display and handling of time pauses, or the interval between two subtitles. The built in video-player with subtitle preview and full screen mode can play any video or audio format the system has codecs installed for. Subtitle Workshop supports the use of Pascal scripts, as well as find-and-replace text scripts (OCR scripts).

Windows operating system.

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