Time Adjuster

Time Adjuster is a free, Windows-only application that lets you synchronize the subtitles of a video with the visual to which they correspond. It is used particularly in audio-visual translation when there is a lag between the subtitles and the image.

Simple and efficient, Time Adjuster accepts most subtitles formats (.srt, .sub, .ssa, .ass and .txt., etc.) and not only allows you to cut or merge the subtitles but also to repair those in .txt format or downloaded in binary mode which have been damaged. There is also the option to convert subtitles into a different format. However, the number of codecs supported remains limited. Furthermore, this application does not support Unicode. Time Adjuster is therefore more geared towards the occasional needs of amateur videographers than to professional translators or translation agencies.

Windows operating system
Category: Subtitling

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