BPI France voice-off recording

BPI France entrusts the recording of the English voice in its videos to the translation agency Atenao.

BPI France, a public investment bank, created by the Ayrault government in December 2012, is the product of the merger between OSEO, CDC Entreprises, FSI and FSI Régions. The organisation constitutes a French public finance and development group for companies, the main aim of which is to provide financial support to SME, intermediate-sized companies and innovative companies, in support of the State’s and the regions’ public policies.

BPI France chose Atenao for the English-French translation and voice-off recording of its video Une nouvelle vie pour les pneus usagés The winner of the 2012 Network Stars awards. In order to carry out this assignment, we ensured the time-coded transcription of the video’s texts, the mother tongue translation, the selection and recording of actor and the provision of the background music.

Project category : Audiovisual translation
Language pairs : French to English translation