English Chilean Spanish translation in the railway sector

French engineering company Barat, specializing in the design, manufacture, and installation of equipment for the railway industry, chooses the translation agency Atenao

Barat is now composed of seven independent sites that have their individual specialties. Barat St. Aignan specializes in producing different ranges of access and evacuation doors. Barat Transport, based in Hirson, produces windows as well as windshields. Based in Yvelines, Barat Lhotellier manufactures hinges and locking systems. The manufacture of interior equipment is divided between Barat Sofanor (Crespin) and Barat CEIT (Loudun). Handling services are provided by the subdivision Barat SA in Blois. Alongside its production assignments for railway rolling stock, Barat SA has R&D teams that design new products in partnership with various stakeholders, including manufacturers and operators.

Atenao is supporting the company in its development in Latin America by providing translation from English into Spanish of technical documents intended for Chile.

Project category: railway translation
Language pairs : English to Spanish translation