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Fabrice Olszewski: the unusual interpreter for the coach of Olympique de Marseille

Since he officially assumed the role of interpreter for Marcelo Bielsa, Fabrice Olszewski has aroused as much attention as his boss’s comments.

Having spent much of his childhood in Champagne-Ardenne, Fabrice Olszewski later returned to Chile, where he had lived for a time. He held other jobs, in particular as a clerk in a notary firm, and then in real estate.

In 2008, during the Toulon Tournament, Fabrice Olszewski met Marcelo Bielsa. At the time, he was primarily volunteering. But this was a great approach, because as he rubbed elbows with the players, he got close to Bielsa, who began in 2009 to entrust him with more important missions within the Chilean Federation.

To hear his translations, Olszewski did not seem predestined to be a professional interpreter, as his skills do not necessarily align with those of a UN interpreter. Indeed, on many occasions, Olszewski innovates the interpreters’ Dictionary by creating words that appear inspired by the Spanish. Faced with this unusual interpreter, we understand that “inadmissible” sounds like “irrelevant” or self-management for “autoconduction”. Such blunders sometimes have the benefit of easing the tension between the French press and “El Loco”.

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