English Translation Services

English is in the top 3 most spoken languages in the world, and the most commonly used language for business and the professional field. As an expert language translation company, Atenao masters its versatile and nimble English translation services for clients as a crucial language of communication, negotiation and trade simultaneously.

English Around the World

With over one billion Anglophones and Anglophiles spread across all 5 continents, English is in third place for the most widely spoken languages. Among all these English speakers, a large portion of people claim English as their first language, such as nearly two-thirds of the combined population of the United States and Canada, and nearly 100% of all Australians; in contrast to others who count Shakespeare’s language as the second official language in their country. There are even a third and fourth category of English language speakers to be considered: people who become fluent English speakers to use at their job for professional reasons, and people who simply learned a basic command of English at school and often speak it because it was in their early learning curriculum and still need to use it at home or abroad from time to time.

English is widespread around the world: it’s the primary and official language in 67 nations in all 5 continents. It’s also the second official language in 27 countries, and is one of the main official languages used at the United Nations.

English in the Professional Sphere

Nike’s world famous campaign words, ”Just do it”, Nespresso’s ad quip ”What else” and Nokia’s own ”Connecting people” are just some of the impactful and enduring advertising slogans, proclaiming their brand message in their original English versions to be considered more universally expressive. Entire brand beliefs and ideas become summarized and get conveyed in just three or fewer powerful English words.

English is arguably also the language of choice for the digital era, the internet, and the programming and computing tech world overall. Even famously used tech industry terms are often expressed in their original anglo, or anglicized  English versions, for simplicity and understanding; universal digital terms we all use such as ”cookies”, “firewall” and even the feared programming “hackers”, to list some examples.

If there’s an area where English is most crucial, it’s in business and trade. In a world where international market domination lies at the core of its interests, the English language is an essential tool. Even with people, countries or regions that are not officially English speaking, discussions are very often held in English to improve the understanding of all parties involved. Official documents must also often have an English version as well, whether it’s an original version or a translation.

The Subtleties of the English Language

Every language poses certain subtleties in its expressions, and English is no exception here. With this in mind, if you have to translate any kind of document, it’s important to connect with our Atenao translation agency experts, who offer deep cultural and localized knowledge of the English language and all its most common key subtleties.

A native professional translator can keenly discern between the meaning of the expression ”to wash up” in the British version, which actually means doing the dishes in the kitchen; and ”to wash up” in the American version -refers simply to personal grooming, to washing your face and hands.

A more embarrassing mix-up can happen in almost any social or business setting, causing anywhere from an innocent chuckle to a complete loss of confidence. The particular phrase “to knock someone up” has two very different cultural and contextual meanings in English, depending on what country’s soil you stand: it innocently means to just knock on the door and wake up someone in Britain;  conversely, it actually means to (ahem) get a woman pregnant in the American version. A seemingly small translation error can really transform an entire idea, change the tone of a communication, or even strain a social or business connection, just from the contextual loss of a translated expression’s true intended meaning.

Another less humorous, but common mistake in cultural context, for business communications and document translation, is the English business expression “to table” something. This English term is interestingly used on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean in business meetings, but it’s key to note that in Britain, if you want to “table a topic” it means you wish to include it in the meeting agenda for discussion. Conversely, if you want to “table a topic” in the United States, you’re asking for it to be excluded from a meeting agenda and placed on hold, pending more research or retooling before bringing it back to the group discussion.

Atenao provides expert translation services through its native, culturally experienced professional translators in English and French language; who will accurately and efficiently translate your documents and materials from English to French, or from French to English language. Atenao is the savvy language translation agency partner, eager to help you accomplish your multilingual world communication goals!

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