Proofreading and editing

Checking spelling, grammar, typography and syntax requires time, patience and a faultless command of the language. A single error can jeopardise a whole long-term project, so don’t let a handful of mistakes become the focus of your work.

Our Principles

Corrections are always carried out by professional native speakers. A perfect correction can only be done in the corrector’s mother tongue. For this reason, all corrections are consistently assigned to professional proofreaders who work in their mother tongue. There are 2 types of document correction: reviewing of translated texts and complete correction.

Complete correction

This involves checking spelling, grammar, syntax and the typography of a document. In this option, the proofreading only applies to one document (the target document in the case of a translation).

This service is provided by a professional proofreader and linguist, in their mother tongue. The grammar and spelling check focuses on spelling mistakes, errors in grammar, conjugations and correct usage of tenses.

A typographical correction focuses on typography and on punctuation rules, which differ noticeably from one country to another. The syntactic correction and arrangement of the text focuses on errors in sentence construction.

Our approach when dealing with a text:

  • deletion of spelling, grammar and conjugation mistakes
  • deletion of errors in usage of tenses
  • logical and expressive punctuation
  • respect of typographical features
  • correction of any basic errors in syntax and fluidity

Reviewing a text

This involves checking texts which are already translated to verify the quality of the translation, the meaning of the translation, the consistency between the translation and the source text and adding or deleting as necessary. This service is provided by a professional translator who is a native speaker of the language.

Typical profile

Thierry, who studied at EDHEC Business School and CFPJ School of Journalism; with 20 years’ experience, he chose to follow his passions: journalism and the French language. These two passions led him to his current profession as a proofreader and sub-editor. Twice finalist at the French Spelling Championships “La Dictée de Pivot”.


For text documents, we use MS Word’s track changes system, and deliver you a corrected version with the changes visible, as well as a corrected version with no visible track changes and thus ready for use. For files in which the page layout is already complete, we can make corrections on a PDF file via the software’s correction tool or by inserting comments.