Jubler is an open source software for creating subtitles useful in film translation. Free, it allows you to create new subtitles as well as convert, modify or correct existing subtitle files.

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Avi Recomp

Avi ReComp is a free video editing software useful for film translation and runs only in Windows. It allows you to recompress .avi files with audio tracks in the formats .mp3, .wav, .ac3, .dts and .ogg but also .avi files without these formats.

Time Adjuster

Time Adjuster is a free, Windows-only application that lets you synchronize the subtitles of a video with the visual to which they correspond. It is used particularly in audio-visual translation when there is a lag between the subtitles and the image.

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VOBSub is a free software package running in Windows that allows you to play a video file with subtitles. It corrects audio-visual translation errors, particularly in terms of timing, allowing synchronization of the subtitles with the image.

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Subtitle Workshop

Very popular with professional translators and translating agencies, Subtitle Workshop is a free software for creating subtitles running in Windows. Not only can the subtitles be created but also edited, converted and saved in 60 different formats via the Subtitle API library.

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Sublight is a free subtitle search software that works with the Internet. It allows you to find subtitles from a film by searching them in the database of subtitles referenced on the site

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DVDSubEdit is a free software that runs on Windows and allows the processing of .vob or .sub files. It allows you to view and edit the subtitles directly in the subtitled files.

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Aegisub is a free IT tool running on Windows, OS X, Linus and Free BSD, it is an open-source multi-platform software that allows you to create and modify subtitles.

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Kijio is a free software running in windows. This tool allows you to create, import, or edit subtitles by working on them directly in the software. Not only is it possible to import subtitles generated by Kijio but also external subtitle files.

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