Why call on a legal translator?

by bdaudey

In the context of continually developing globalisation, the volume of transnational contracts and deeds is constantly increasing. Be it in the domain of business legislation or in that of civilian life, legal translation is an inevitable necessity.

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Bilingualism among children: a long-term acquisition

by bdaudey

The vast majority of bilingual children learn their languages naturally; they grow up in an environment where two or more languages are required. Bilingualism therefore develops without any real linguistic planning by their family or acquaintances. But what solutions are offered to monolingual parents to help their children become bilingual?
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Lost in Trumpslation: the Difficulties of Translating Donald Trump

by bdaudey

Should we translate Trump’s words literally or do we iron out his confused ramblings and risk everyone believing he speaks normally? In mid-December, Bérengère Viennot, a French translator, brought to light the difficulties of translating Donald Trump into French; first the ‘shocking statements’ and ‘aggressive tweets’, then the speeches; and things have only got worse since his victory.
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Claude Hagege promotes the diversity of languages and denounce the hegemony of the pesnée unique.

by tom13c

Professor at College de France and linguist Claude Hagege rebelled against the dominance of the English language and his way of thinking in a book published last March by Editions Odile Jacob against the pensée unique.

Far from being a mere denunciation, the book is also an accurate account of the hegemony of English and its consequences. Thereby inviting the reader to respond and resist: “Today it is about physical extermination, but intellectual, political and economic enslavement. France must resist, “says the author at the end of his book.

With globalization, English is playing an increasingly important role and carries with it “neoliberal ideology”, ways of thinking.

In support of his speech, Claude Hagege cites numerous examples, such as the market for scientific patents, which English largely dominates; the translation of such is being increasingly rare

Resisting linguistic diversity and focus

Claude Hagege, Emeritus linguist, polyglot and winner of the gold medal of the CNRS, calls for the reintegration of French in areas where it disappeared (science, technology, economics…) and for the diversity of languages in general, vector creativity and inventiveness.

It offers some ideas for that favour the use of French in France, promoting French Alliances around the world…

A successful author

Notable work of Claude Hagège inculdes : le Français et les Siècles, le Souffle de la langue, l’Enfant aux deux langues, Halte à la mort des langueswhich have been very sucessful