Atenao translates Quotatis web content

The online quote platform Quotatis chooses Atenao for the English French translation of its web content

Quotatis is a French company operating online and specializing in bringing together different trades, usually artisans, and individuals or companies looking for a particular service. Founded in 1999, it now boasts more than 500 different trades, generally related to construction, renovation, decoration and compliance with environmental standards. In 2010, the firm acquired, a website focused on the construction industry. The company’s main mission is to facilitate the obtaining of quotes for users who request them. In addition to the basic service, Quotatis provides various web users with guides, simulation tools, and news articles. For professionals, Quotatis Pro is a customer prospecting and detection service.

Quotatis is established in three European countries: Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom. The French English translations of articles on the website are provided by Atenao.

Project category : Website translation
Language pairs : French to English translation