Audiovisual translation for Vie des Hauts Production

The Besançon production company, Vie des Hauts Production, entrusted Atenao with the translation of the script for a feature film.

An audiovisual production company based in Besançon, Vie des Hauts Production was founded in the early 90s, in the tradition of the local TV channel Télé Saugeais, which came to being in the late 70s. It was founded by Dominique Garing, who co-founded the old TV channel and kept the philosophy and creativity. Known for producing documentaries, many of which were broadcast on national and international channels, the company offers the production of short and feature-length films. In addition to this, the production company handles the design of animated films and corporate films for private companies and government bodies. In the Vie des Hauts Production catalog is La vie sauvage des animaux domestiques” (“Wild Farm”) a feature-length documentary released theatrically in 2010. The film was nominated for a 2011 French Golden Star Award.

Atenao provided French English translation of the script for “Dans les silences de l’atelier” (“In the Silences of the Studio”), a feature-length film by François Royet.

Project category : Audiovisual Translation
Language pairs : French to English translation