French English subtitling in the medical field

Parisian company Expression Group, specializing in medical communications, chooses Atenao to subtitle its videos.

Expression Group is divided into three entities. Expression Health is dedicated to publishing expert scientific journals and general publications that cover most medical specialties. Expression Pharma is dedicated to the publication of journals for pharmacists. Lastly, Expression Media focuses on various digital publications, particularly on the Web. In addition to its regular publications, Expression Group also offers the graphical creation of communication materials for physicians and specialist, intended for experts or the general public alike. Finally, the group offers on-site and e-learning training services for healthcare professionals and the general public.

The Expression Group facilities now have a video center for the preparation of training materials, but also for the interviews destined for websites. Supports which the Atenao agency now performs the subtitling.

Project Category : audiovisual translation
Language pairs : French to English translation