French English translation for ADAPT

ADAPT, which works to socially and professionally integrate the disabled, entrusts its translations into English to the agency Atenao.

Founded in 1929 by Suzanne Fouché, ADAPT is a recognized public-interest organization. It is subject to the French 1901 Act governing non-profits. Its branches extend through France with more than a hundred institutions offering various services such as counseling, education, training or care. Each year, the association helps around 12,000 disabled people. Always active throughout its entire 85 years of existence, every year it organizes the Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities”. Since 2011, ADAPT has been running a community project entitled, “Living together, equal, and different” that aims to support people with disabilities in achieving their life goals.

Following a conference at the European Parliament, ADAPT entrusted us with the English translation of a French journal which included the speeches of the various participants. Since the readership was composed mainly of European parliamentarians, particular attention was paid to the writing style.

Project category: Institutional translation
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