French English translation for CD Fruits

CD Fruits, a company specializing in the creation of dehydrated fruit leathers prepared from pureed fruit has entrusted Atenao with the translation of its communication tools.

CD Fruits is a company based in Auch, in the French department of Gers. It specializes in creating folions, dehydrated edible leathers made with fruit puree (pear, strawberry, apricot, white peach, etc.) and vegetable puree (peppers, etc.) These structural sheets are manufactured so that they can be manipulated, bent, twisted, or wound. Once manufactured, folions are made available to culinary professionals (restaurateurs, bartenders, confectioners, chocolate-makers, etc.) to decorate and personalize their preparations. CD Fruits works with 100% natural products produced exclusively in France. Its creativity and innovation earned it a first prize at the National Contest for agribusiness creation in 2014. CD Fruits works regularly with the Gers Chamber of Commerce and Industry, CTCPA (Technical Center for the Conservation of Agricultural Products) of the Gers and the Departmental Council of the Gers and the Midi-Pyrenees region.

In the context of internationalizing its communications, the company has entrusted Atenao with the French English translation of its flyers, information booklet, and labels.

Project category : Agrifood translation
Language pairs : French to English translation