French English translation for the University of Paris Seine

The University of Paris Seine uses the Atenao translation and interpretation agency

The University Community and institution of the University of Paris Seine is a public scientific, cultural and professional that complies with the provisions of the French Education Code. This center is a set of several colleges, among which: Cergy-Pontoise University, the National Higher School of Architecture of Versailles, the Catholic School of Arts and Crafts, the International Higher Institute of perfumes, cosmetics and food flavorings. The University Paris Seine COMUE is based on three principles, mainly innovation. Specifically, the center was created to be a place where innovative initiatives can emanate from a technological and scientific point of view. The second principle is entrepreneurship, promoted by the economic environment in which it operates. Lastly, there is creativity, inspired by the history of artistic revolutions that have taken place in the territory of the COMUE University of Paris Seine and its immediate surroundings.

The University of Paris Seine selects Atenao for its French to English translation needs.

Project category : Technical & scientific translation
Language pairs : French to English translation