French-German voice-over dubbing of a documentary

The audiovisual production company SistaBroza chose Atenao for the French-German dubbing of their environmental documentary √¢‚ǨÀúGreen Card sous les Tropiques’

Mission: Translate all texts relating to the √¢‚ǨÀúGreen Card sous les Tropiques’ project from French into German (blurb, dialogue, subtitles and voice over) and the recording of the German voice-over.
Recording work was carried out at our partner’s professional recording studios. The translation was carried out by one of our German translators who perfectly masters subjects of an environmental matter. Voice-overs are (as with translation) systematically carried out by a professional native speaker.

A 7 step project :

  • Receipt of the final documentary texts (in AIFF format for the sound, non-segmented TS video for the visual aspect), which have been validated by the client.
  • Translation of the texts.
  • Delivery of the translated texts to the voice over specialist for commentary
  • Internal validation of texts
  • Delivery of texts to client for validation
  • Client validation
  • Professional recording