Implantology medical translation

The company Hygiène express chose Atenao to translate and carry out the graphical execution of its 2011 products catalogue containing Implantology kits.

The company Hygiène Express, which specialises in biomaterials and surgical materials, chose Atenao for the second consecutive year for the translation of its 2011 products catalogue. The mission consisted translating the 12-page catalogue into English, Italian and German and carrying out the integration of the translations using Adobe InDesign, so that the translations deliver were ready to be printed.

Project category: Professional translation, graphical execution into a foreign language
Source and target format: Adobe InDesign
Turn around time: Translation 3 days, graphical execution 3 days
Volume: 4000 words / 12 pages
Field: medical translation, implantology translation
Linguistic combinations: French English translation, French English translation, French English translation.