Institutional Translation for ADEME

The ADEME Agriculture and Forest Service has retained Atenao’s translation services for the translation of a Draft Paper from the European Commission on the concept of State aid.

ADEME (French Agency for the Environment and Energy Management) is a public industrial and commercial institution, under the joint supervision of the Ministry for Ecology, Sustainable Development, and Energy, and the Ministry for Higher Education and Research.

ADEME is involved in the implementation of public policies in the areas of the environment, energy, and sustainable development. As part of its mission, the ADEME Agriculture and Forest service has entrusted Atenao with the French English translation of a paper from the European Commission presenting the concept of State aid under Article 107, Section 1 of the TFEU, that the Commission and national authorities (including national courts) must apply in conjunction with the notification and suspension obligation referred to in Article 108.

Project category : Legal translation
Language pairs : French to English translation
Number of words: 27,000