Medical Translation for Galileo Diagnostics

Galileo Diagnostics, a French company specializing in veterinary medicine, has its brochures translated.

Galileo Diagnostics is dedicated to developing and marketing detection solutions for the food allergies affecting pets, particularly dogs and cats. The firm also offers environmental allergy diagnostic tests. Laboratory detection protocols are mainly based on ELISA and immunoblot tests. Desensitization treatments or immunotherapy, which help animals cope with allergic risks, are also offered by the company. Among the company’s offering aimed at individuals and professionals, iPhone Veterinary ECG is an exclusive device associated with a connected app that makes it possible to examine different varieties of animals anywhere. Galileo Diagnostics is a trademark of Genclis, a pharmaceutical company specializing in biotechnology.

Atenao is translating the company’s brochures into English, German, and Spanish.

Project category : Technical & scientific translation
Language pairs : French to English translation, English to German translation, English to Spanish translation