Multilingual translation for Affinity Media

Affinity Media International has entrusted its translations into Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian to the translation agency Atenao.

Affinity Media was founded in 1999. The company operates as an intermediary between the major international media and French advertisers. These media, published in Asia, the Americas, and Europe, are subject to a drastic selection. These are press, audiovisual, and display media which are focused on the fields of news, lifestyle, and business. Affinity Media also handles the development of complex communication tools adapted to the international context.

The exclusive newspaper representation service enables more than 150 million visitors to view nearly a billion and a half pages every month. Affinity Media is now working with the SMP, a company located in southeastern France, and has a branch in Switzerland and China. It is also a member of the Connect Alliance network, which is present in countries like Spain, Britain, Italy, and Germany.

For its French translation needs into Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, the company has called upon the Atenao translation agency.

Project Category : Media Translation
Language pairs : English to Italian translation, English to Portuguese translation, English to Spanish translation