Multilingual translation for the University of Lille

The University of Lille uses the Atenao translation and interpretation agency

The three Universities of Lille (Lille 1 – Science and Technology, Lille 2 – Law and Health and Lille 3 – Human and Social Sciences) have established a merger plan to give rise to the University of Lille. The objective of this merger is to effectively fulfill the public service mission assigned to higher education and research. It is also intended to give visibility to the University, regionally, domestically, and internationally. It is expected that the merger plan will be materialized in 2019. The University of Lille has about 70,000 students enrolled for all training areas: environmental science, languages, literature and art, the law, social sciences, engineering sciences, life sciences, sports. 3,300 faculty members are responsible for the courses for receiving diplomas ranging from the DUT to engineering degrees, professional degrees, masters degrees, and doctorates.

Lille University selects Atenao for its translation needs from French into English, Portuguese, Chinese, and Korean

Project Category : Legal and medical translation
Language pairs : French to English translation, English to Portuguese translation, French Chinese translation, French Korean translation