Simultaneous interpreting in favour of the environment

European integration is underpinned by knowledge sharing and a desire to innovate together. It was with these same values in mind that the CapÉnergies and GreenUnivers groups joined forces to bring together 60 stakeholders from 9 countries for the first ever European forum dedicated to intelligent electric mobility.

On the 15th and 16th February 2018, numerous players from the energy sector convened in Marseille for this hot-topic event. From mayors of green towns to enthusiastic founders of start-ups and highly influential manufacturers, all were committed to considering consumption that better respects the planet and its population. Creative juices were flowing, inspired by the reports from the speakers, in English.

However, it’s difficult to let ideas take shape with half your mind on decoding a message from a foreign language. Our interpreters provided a discrete but essential connection, bridging the language divide to give free reign to the creativity of the listeners.

Their assistance was also enlisted for the business-to-business meetings and the trips to Marseille and Nice, where the visitors discovered concrete examples of responsible initiatives. These more relaxed settings revealed shared attitudes and potential collaborations. By encouraging these encounters, Atenao was able to bring the participants back to what’s important for communication, all while affirming our commitment to the planet.

Project category: Simultaneous and liaison interpreting

Language combinations: French <> English

Resources: 2 interpreters, 1 technician

Equipment: 1 transmitter, 2 headsets for the interpreters, 2 infra-red transmitters, 200 infrared receivers, 200 stereo headsets for the delegates.


By Cara Dobinson