Translations for CNETh

The National Council of Thermal Establishments which promotes thermal medicine, has begun a collaboration with Atenao

The National Council of Thermal Establishments is a nonprofit organization that brings together the vast majority of French establishments specializing in care and treatments associated with hydrotherapy. CNETh’s objectives lead it to work closely with the government and various health and research authorities. CNETh’s mission is to conduct scientific studies that unequivocally demonstrate the effectiveness of care provided. Secondly, the Council is dedicated to informing the general public, and the organization’s third mission is to advocate with the health insurance system and the various ministries for the recognition of different thermal disciplines. The Council works closely with AFRETh (French Association for Thermal Research). Publications and magazines are produced to recount the Council’s various studies and advances.

In mid-2015, the National Council of Thermal Establishments began a collaboration with Atenao

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